Hi there, I have a Vec of u_64 with 10 elements. I want to create a new Vec with the first 5 elements, and another Vec with the last 5 elements …
It may sound unpractical, but by having this model, Rust prevents several errors. #pybr12 @hannelita Rust allows you to share some references with a feature called ' borrowing '

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Mapping of Rust types to Python types. When writing functions callable from Python (such as a #[pyfunction] or in a #[pymethods] block), the trait FromPyObject is required for function arguments, and IntoPy<PyObject> is required for function return values.
It's possible to pass arbitrary data from Rust to JavaScript by serializing it to JSON with Serde. wasm-bindgen includes the JsValue type, which streamlines serializing and deserializing. Enable the "serde-serialize" Feature

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First, you need to get Rust installed on your computer. Follow the instructions at rustup.rs to get the latest verison of the Rust compiler and its package manager, Cargo. Then, install a Rust package for your favorite code editor: Vim, Emacs, Atom, Sublime, Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ. You’re set up! Too easy. Running code
Jul 26, 2019 · Ideal world: encoding and proving invariants in Rust. Ideally we’d be able to encode these requirements in Rust. Then our caller could provide some proof that the invariants are met, and call the function without using unsafe {}. Similarly, our set_len() and other Vec methods could have soundness proofs, assuming the stated constraints are met.

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For instance, in some cases a plain Vec<T> is a convenient representation, so there are readily available ways to convert values of other types, such as VecDeque<T>, BinaryHeap<T>, &[T], and &str, into Vec<T>. Naturally, there is more one way to convert types in Rust, each with advantages and disadvantages. We could:
This PR proposes stabilizing just the vec::Drain::as_slice part of that tracking issue. My ultimate goal here: being able to use for<T, I: Iterator<Item=T> + AsRef<[T]>> I to refer to vec::IntoIter, vec::Drain, and eventually array::IntoIter, as an approximation of the set of by-value iterators that can be "previewed" as by-ref iterators ...

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Feb 17, 2019 · So, if you have used vec! before this is how it looks: let v: Vec < u32 > = vec! [1, 2, 3]; This creates the variable ( or constant ) v as a vec of three elements. Btw, a macro can be differentiated from a function with the ! at the end. What you are doing here is passing 1, 2, 3 as an argument to the macro vec. Btw, you could have just as ...

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