Metabo HC260C 240v Planer / Thicknesser with Leg Stand Metabo 240v Planer / Thicknesser with Leg Stand – 0114026038 Metabo were one of the first companies to develop a planer thicknesser of this size. With over 20 years of experience in this field you can entrust that Metabo planer thicknessers are amongst the best...
Metabo 13" HSS Planer Blades knife for Metabo DH330, INTERSKOL PC-330 Set of 2. Brand new. ... Metabo 0911003783 Wheel Kit To Suit HC260C Planer / Thicknesser.

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Re: Raboteuse-dégauchisseuse METABO 260 C kevart le Ven 19 Juin 2015 - 9:47 C'est vrai que pour qui cherché une machine neuve fiable et à faible budget, c'est le moment d'allez faire un tour chez Kity-Rouen.
6 Stück Metabo Elektra Beckum Hobelmesser HC 260 E ES M K Neu Artikelzustand: Neu - Verkäufer: turmfalke-saegen-und-messer (7703 Bewertungen 99.9% positiv) - Shopname: turmfalke-saegen-und-messer - Kategorie: Sonstige (115400)

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260 x 18.6 x 1.0mm Planer Blades for Elektra Becku . 260 x 18.6 x 1.0mm planer blades for elektra. Sometimes parts available on ebay but have contacted metabo who bought out beckum and they state part can still be purchased. i have only used this planer for light work as i'm into radio controlled aircraft and needed to put the wood through to get it to the sizes i need.
Строгальный станок HC 260 - 2,2 WNB (0114026000) (220 В) купить по цене 95599 руб. с доставкой по Москве в интернет-магазине

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Metabo HC 260 C - 2,8 DNB Ēvele un biezumēvele 0114026100&MET. Mājai un Dārzam > Elektriskie rokas instrumenti > Ēveles. Metabo HC 260 C-2.8 DNB Ēvele un biezumēvele. Instrumenti un iekārtas > Kokapstrādes darbgaldi > Evelēšanas darbagaldi.
The GHO 40-82 C Professional Planer is the planer for an extremely high surface quality from Bosch. It offers the highest surface quality due to ultra-sharp blade and constant speed, even when your workpiece is hardwood. The durable Woodrazor reversible... £231.00 More Information: Machine Mart Xtra DeWalt - DW680K-GB 2.5mm Planer (230V)

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I was asked by a subscriber to show the concept of setting the blade height in a planing machine. I show you how this is done using my HC260 and the same pri...

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